My very first WordPress blog post

Hello world !

This blog is for sharing my thoughts, pictures, and anything else which happens along…

Pic’s of my better half’s fabulous iced cakes may appear.

… also to self-educate on WordPress’ many facets, via this site and a local installation;

  • how it works
  • the environment
  • the capabilities
  • some coding in PHP, html, CSS
  • how it is used

Since discovering WordPress, I have become so inspired by the network of support for this extraordinary product, and the enormous breadth of it’s capabilities.

Having spent many years inside corporate IT, it is so refreshing to discover the dynamics and collaboration around Open Source production, usage and support.

So, I have set myself the task of learning WordPress, and would love to connect with any Happiness Engineer who would be willing to provide advice/feedback on where I need to focus my learning to hurry this along.

Thanks for reading  🙂

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