Two months late(r)…

Such times we are living in !!

Covid resurgence, people relinquishing the need for social distancing in favour of joining overwhelming crowds on the beaches, enjoying sunshine and unseasonably high temperatures, and my garden plants have never looked more healthy.

Social distancing, Bournemouth style…

Oh, and there was a small celebration with a twist of Cornwall…

Everything Cornish, just missing a pasty

Challenge: Begin

So I thought I would attempt a response to the challenge laid down; to craft some text that includes each of May’s daily word prompts.

I Wish I had a little more confidence in my capabilities to complete this Challenge, and Create the Story. I am not a Book-worm, so need a little mental Support to scale this Hill Carefully, and not Hurry.

I need to Explore each Letter of each Line, such that they Relate to each other in a Smooth flow without any awkward Break.

I will Dance amid the Shadow of the Flowers in my garden, seeking a Sign, a glimpse of Light that might give me a Short Name around which to build a narrative.

Yet in that space I find Silence, which helps to Free my mind, and the Crazy Old feelings of verbal inadequacy give way to Happy thoughts, where I can spend Time to Celebrate with good Food and drink and company, and with Luck my random thoughts have managed to complete the May Challenge, and we can now Begin June.


A hill can have a profound situational meaning for a person.

  • “S/He went up a hill, and came down a mountain”
  • “Over the hills and far away”
  • “The hills are alive, with…”
  • “Over the hill”
  • “Under the hill”

The time of life when striving for learning and achievement.

The desire to find new destiny in pastures new.

The joy of experiencing life at the top, having achieved great aims.

The downfall due to social objectification of being too old for a meaningful purpose.

The final resting place after life has completed its usefulness of the body.

Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

So… nearly seven weeks since first symptoms, several weeks isolation and social distancing, and although initial symptoms died down after a couple of weeks, I now find myself in hospital A&E. extremely grateful to all the staff here, keeping me going with the occasional cup of tea.

I am expecting to be released again soon, but I feel so sorry for all the friends and relatives of people who are staying in, perhaps never to return home.

Some people still don’t believe this virus is serious, including some big-ego politicians… They are wrong.

Please everyone, STAY SAFE !

Discover Prompts, Day 28: Focus

Ladies and Gentlemen, I draw your attention to the item detailed on page 7 of your briefing sheets. It is by far the most important discussion point we are ever likely to cover.

This is the nub of the issue we are wrestling, the cause of most angst among us, and once fully resolved will be the reason for greatest celebration.

I would ask that you bring your entire focus to this question, for it must be answered correctly:

In a genuine Cornish Cream Tea: What do you put on the scone first? The Jam, or the cream?

Discover Prompts, Day 27: Team

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Don’t you just love acronyms? Or perhaps not… either way they are here to stay.

But how does an acronym get created?

Is there someone working endless hours in a darkened room, tasked with wrestling a collection of words into a single recognisable word formed from their initial letters?

Or is there a collection of people throwing ideas into the melting pot, Post-It’s filling every available wall space, and a collection of Paretos, Venns, Fishbones & MindMaps trying to narrow the intellectual morass into a “well formed outcome”?

Perhaps there is a small group of focused individuals who are working together in harmony, each building on the others’ ideas as a collective whole, supporting and cajoling in equal measure to uncover the ultimate solution: T.E.A.M

Discover Prompts, Day 26: Hidden

The smallest things in life can have enormous value. Bees for instance have a huge role in pollinating, without which much of our food items would not be produced. They form a critical part of nature’s food chain.

Yet unless they are from commercial hives, their lives are often hidden away from prying eyes, sometimes burrowed underground, where the only disturbance might be ants trying to steal their precious nectar.